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2016 - 2017


  1. Implementation of Rain water harvesting along with Municipality / Panchayat / Residence Association, etc. Construction and maintenance of rain water pits.

  2. Construction of rain water collection tanks.

  3. Cleaning public Ponds, wells or rivers with good media coverage for spreading messages in the public.


Chairperson: Lion Joseph Mathew, Lions club of Ernakulam

Fight against Hunger

  1. Providing food to the identified orphanage

  2. Hospital / poor homes (Monthly twice) 250 x 2 Introducing Wall Token concepts

  3. Implementation of Wall token in restuarants for attracting public contribution food donation. (The club has to indentify one restuarant and one orphanage for this program. Authorised person from the orphanage can collect the wall token from the restaurant at a regular intervels. (CSR NOT APPLICABLE)

  4. Chairperson : Lion Vinod K.P. MJF, Lions club of Mukkannur.

Children’s Care

  1. Modernization of Aganwadi

    1. The district will support up to 50% of the project cost, a maximum of Rs. 25000/- through CSR funding. The identified anganwadies will be subject to pre-survey for categorizations based on area extent. The club should

    2. Provide standard infracture to the identified Anganwadies, like supply of water purifiers, wash basins, water storage tanks, television etc.

    3. (Minimum amount to be spent by the club is Rs. 15,000/-)

    4. Chairperson : Lion Raj Mohan, Lions club of Alleppey.

  2. Children’s Park

    1. Promoting children’s park by improving facilities in existing parks or new parks being established by local bodies such as Municipal Corporation, Residential Colonies and Schools. (Places for establishing the parks will be jointly decided by the District and Lions Club) Standard list of equipment’s to be installed in parks including benches with permanent logos of CSR funding group and Lions clubs

    2. The district will support upto 50% of the project cost, a maximum of Rs. 200000/- through CSR funding. The club should remit their contribution to the district project account for availing CSR funds(The club should source atleast Rs. 50000/- to cliam points)

    3. Chairperson : Lion P.C.Prasad, Lions club of Cochin West.

  3. Children Cancer Care

    1. To provide medical support to the patients of be-low 18 years suffering from Cancer towards the purchase of life saving medicines on a monthly basis. The district will source CSR fund to a maxi-mum of Rs 12000/- per patient for an year.

  4. Pediatric Heart Surgery

    1. The District will organize CSR funding for heart surgery. The club has to meet all other post operative expenses in the hospital (Aprox Rs. 50000/-)

    2. Identifying and Supporting patients for surgery

    3. Chairperson : Lion Dr. M. R. Nair, Lions club of Perumbavoor.

  5. Stem Cell Preservation

    1. Conducting awareness camp for the importance of stem cell

    2. Chairperson : Lion Sunil Sebastian, Lions club of Vazhakulam Painaple city.

Swanthanam Elderly care

To extend rehabilitation kits & services for senior citizens with various disabilities (50% of the listed cost can be availed from CSR fund. The club has to remit their contribution to CSR account in advance

Chairperson : Lion T. M. Baby, Lions club of Kolenchery.

Item Cost
Walker 1700/-
Walking Stick 600/-
Wheel chair 6500/-
Wheel chair 6500/-
Air Bed 5100/-
Woollen dress 2700/-
Foot alignment socks 1500/-
Portable oxygen kit 5200/-
Hot water bag 500/-
Physiotherapy ball 120/-
Vaporiser 300/-
Spectacles 800/-
Artificial teeth 10000/-
Hearing Aids 2000/-
Chappals 500/-

Drug Abuse awareness program

Prevention of substance abuse seeking to make our schools 100% drug free. The district will organize CSR funding. The club has to spent Rs. 2500/- for the project

  1. Identifying vulnerable schools in a selected geography referred by Local Lions Club

  2. Screening of Drug abuse short film developed by Avishkar Trust that is critically acclaimed.

    1. Conducting awareness on the issues of drug abuse and its consequences among students, teachers & parents.

    2. Arranging Follow up through one to one counseling of the identified victims both Avishkar Trust & other designated counselors


    1. Organising Live Stage Show performed by Artists cost for performing live show Rs. 4500/- shall be met by the Sponsoring club. (CSR NOT APPLICABLE)

Chairperson : Lion Paulson Kurisingal, Lions club of Muvattupuzha.

Caring the health

  1. Drinking water project

    The district will support 50% of the equipment cost to a maximum of Rs. 5500/-. The club has to remit their contribution to the designated project bank account.

    1. Identifying the area for installing water purifier

    2. Installation of water purifier with good media coverage.

    3. Chairperson : Lion Adv. K.K. Ajikumar, Lions club of Nedumbassery Greater.

  2. Dialysis Support

    For sponsering free dialysis through a Lions sponsored dialysis centre or other recognised hospitals. Minimum 5 dialysis and a maximum of 100 dialysis (50 x 5 = 250). (CSR Not applicable)

  3. Support for Kidney Transplantations

    The district will organize 5 free Kidney transplantation surgery. Post operative expense to be bone by the recommending club. The patient has to identify the organ donor and comply other legal formalities.

    Identifying patients for Kidney transplantation Sourcing post operative expense towards the same from the club or other organizations (aprox Rs 40000)

    Chairperson : Lion Prathap Chandran. P., Lions Club of Cochin Mid Town.

  4. Kidney Disease identification camps

    1. Booking camp dates minimum one month in advance

    2. Conducting Camp with minimum of 130 patients and to a maximum of 150 patients

  5. Bone Mineral Density tests

    1. For conducting Bone Mineral Density camps at club, residence association etc

  6. Medical camps

    1. For arranging general medical camps and medicines

    2. For arranging Special medical camp for cancer detection

    3. For arranging Special medical camp for diabetic detection

    4. Chairperson : Lion Er. Ani Manoj, Lions club of Kothamangalam Greater.

  7. Providing Pollution Mask and Glassware

    1. Club has to contribute Rs. 5000/- per kit. (One kit contains 10 units). The club has to remit their contribution to the designated project bank account.

    2. Identifying police stations

    3. Chairperson : Lion Jose. R. Painadath, Lions Club of Angamaly

  8. Skill Development program

    In order to Enable Livelihood through Skill Development and Training, the district is conducting two batches of training workshop for 30-45 days to provide employment and enhancing Entrepreneurship. The cost for the same will be share by District CSR fund and local clubs

    1. Identifying and recommending candidates for the training program

    2. Sending candidates for the preliminary . screening

    3. Sending shortlisted candidates for the training program at district level and remitting Rs 3000/- towards cost.

    4. Chairperson : Lion Jiji Joseph MJF, Lions club of Koothattukulam.

  1. Sight first programs

    1. Conducting screening camp for identifying the cataract patients

    2. Arranging cataract surgeries for the patients

    3. Additional points for sending pateints to lions hospital for surgery

  2. SFK

    1. For adoption 20 schools for vision screening

    2. For ensuring participation of teachers (one teacher from schools with up to 500 students and two teachers from schools above 500 students) at club/zone level camps

    3. Conducting Referral camps for screening

    4. For providing treatment and spectacles to the needy students

    5. Chairperson : Lion. A. Rajan, Lions Club of North Paravur.

Construction of Bus Shelters

District will support 50% of the cost to maximum of Rs. 25000/- towards the construction and maintenance of Bus shelter. The club contribution to be remitted to the district account.

  1. Identifying area for busshelter

  2. Constructing bus shelter with lions and CSR provider’s logo

  3. Chairperson : Lions Bimal Nath, Lions club of Nedumbassery Greater